At All Professional Realty we are looking for the best and we want to make you the best. Using the latest in technology and resources we help our agents reach their greatest potential. Begin your journey into a career with All Professional Realty by calling our office to discuss.

The Process:

  • Pre-License Schools and in office training.
  • State License preparation.
  • After-License training.
  • Advanced Training.

All of the above translates into the hardest high paying job you have ever had.

Pre-License Schools are required in New Jersey. We offer options and solutions for you to decide the best path for you to take. The costs of the schools (administered by 3rd party partners) varies by option. Call us for details on what works best for you. Our office contact is 973-850-7800 ext. 101.

State License preparation usually ties with the pre-license schools. The schools have sample exams and related study guides designed to help you pass the exam.

After License Training is the real key to your success. Most companies place you in another school for 1-2 weeks, charge you a fee, graduate you, then charge you mentoring fees and announce you trained. Our training goes on week after week after week. It is designed to give you a topic and then let you apply it in your new career. Our brokers work closely and hand in hand with you every step of the way, with NO cost to you.

Most companies will not even start the training until you are licensed. Again, we handle things a little differently here. You can start our training once you start in the pre-license school. Pre-license training teaches you real estate theory. While you are learning the theory, All Professional Realty is teaching you “real life real estate.” Now, because our training is in real life real estate, you may find out early in your training, that the real estate industry is not for you after all, and by doing so, will save yourself time and money. However, if you agree it is for you, you can feel confident you will not be left without the necessary support.

Remember, a real estate career is high paying hard work.

For a list of schools and a complete training schedule contact Joan Fields at 862-377-6834 to discuss.

Advanced training occurs as the opportunity arises. It is “by choice” to experienced agents that have mastered the basics and want to grow their business to the next level.